Zoya Gallery and Zoya Museum are two independent private institutions that focus on private art collection and art exhibition activities, in particular, on Slovak artists of the 20th and 21st centuries.


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Admittedly and without a doubt, each art collection arises from a private passion of a collector for some kind of art. Ours – at Zoya Gallery & Zoya Museum – has been coined with great respect and admiration for the Slovak fine art of modern and contemporary artists.

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Contemporary Slovak and world art     Andy Warhol     Slovak modern art

Works in private collections are a regular part of expositions and borrowings not only in Slovakia but also abroad.

Events and social gatherings

ZOYA Gallery Bratislava        ZOYA Museum Modra

The ZOYA Gallery in Bratislava and Zoya Museum in Modra are both exceptional venues for organization of cultural and social events at the highest level.

Krst Sparkling_ZOYA_Gallery

Magazine Christening, ZOYA Gallery

Svadobná hostina

Wedding fiest, ZOYA Museum

Firemný event_Zoya Gallery

Customer evening, ZOYA Gallery

Svadobný obrad_ZOYA Museum ELESKO Wine Park, Modra

Wedding ceremony, ZOYA Museum