More than 30… in ZOYA Museum Modra

New Exhibition of Contemporary Slovak Artists at the Zoya Museum in Modra

More than 30…


This joint exhibition of Slovak artists offers a unique display of diverse views on art as well as its various kinds and forms by young artists of the present-day art scene in Slovakia. Supporting young artists is one of the core missions of the Zoya Museum and as a matter of fact, we have been opening our Museum’s door to contemporary art exhibitions for almost 10 years.

The primary purpose of the exhibition “More Than 30 …” is to introduce the artwork of painters, sculptors, graphic artists and designers and also photographers who represent the jewels of contemporary art in Slovakia. Nowadays, gallery-goers have the opportunity to enjoy different art shows of these talented people not just in the most prestigious galleries in Slovakia but very often abroad as well. While installing and creating this art show, our essential idea and approach was to show people how to enjoy different types of art forms in the first place, which at the first sight seem very unlike but on the other hand, they delicately complete one another within one space as well as harmonize and “communicate” with each other. Visitors to the Zoya Museum will have the chance to experience and compare the diversity of particular artists and their work; hence to comprehend and appreciate different forms of artistic expression.

The contemporary artistic approach is not just about the individual and distinctive perspectives of the artists’ thoughts, emotions, intuitions and desires; it is even more personal than that. As a matter of fact, a work of art is about sharing the way how the artist experiences the world – i.e. his own world. In other words, the artwork is a reflection of life as well as a dialogue between art and reality and the artist’s perception of the present. Each painting, sculpture, design or photograph tells a story that is behind it. The topics can be common everyday situations – funny, joyful, festive or depressive, sorrowful, complicated, but also experiencing stronger mental and physical suffering in life such as cruelty, trauma, fear or humiliation. As a matter of fact, more experienced attendees will experience that visual depiction in contemporary art does not matter that much as the essence of the artwork is “the transmission” and the interpretation of the author’s ideas, his own world in which he exists and creates. In other words, the ultimate objective of these artists is to try to “transport” their own ideas, emotions, opinion and attitude into their work which then impresses and inspires the perceptive observer.

Our concept of the exhibition from the very first day was to create an exhibition which is broad in scope; particularly which focuses on several artists who perform and use different and various techniques as well as artistic approaches and forms. However, the apparent contours of the show, of course, started to appear and became clear just after all the art pieces were collected in the Museum and when we started to sort them out and install them into units.

The exhibited works of art are divided into four units, Bodies and Faces, Life Is Really Amazing …, Space and Places, Signs and Gestures which are complemented by sculptures.

In the first unit of the exhibition, Bodies and Faces, we included works by Dorota Sadovská, Jana Farmanová, Michal Czinege, Alena Adamíková, Marek Ormandík, Lýdia Patafta, Miloš Kopták, Mária Machatová, Eva Činčalová and Michal Šebeňa. These artists portray human faces and bodies to reflect and express their emotions and thoughts; so they could uncover their inner world to the audience. By using different symbols, they help people to discover the hidden sense of their art. The symbols work like artists’ magical mirrors which encourage and inspire people to understand better and appreciate their unique artistic perception of the world – their inner life and the soul of an artist itself.

In the second part of the exhibition, II. Life is Pretty Amazing … are works that depict the diversity of life around us – from the abstract perception of the reality, through memories or fantasies as far as real world scenes and situations. Life in the city, animals, nature or creatures from the realm of fantasy are the central themes in the paintings by Marcel Mališ, Andrea Bartošová, Patrícia Koyšová, Oľga Paštéková, Jakub Milčák, Juliana Mrvová, Kristína Bukovčáková, Kristína Mesároš, Eva Činčalová or Andrej Dúbravský. These artists and their topics offer a new, quite another approach and view on art which suggest the incredible beauty of life or the feelings and emotions of everyday life as well as the relationship between a man and nature. These works of art somewhat convey untold stories that sometimes develop just during the actual process of painting to be later said and understood by the audience.

The third part of the exhibition – III. Spaces and Places takes the audience into the allegory of real or imaginary countries and other fantasy worlds. The artworks by Rastislav Podob, Michal Černušák, Ján Hrčka, Michal Czinege, Matej Fabián, Martina Gerboca and also the delicate but demanding collages by Petra Nováková-Ondreičková reflect such worlds that are supposed to distract us from our frantic and restless everyday life.

The last unit of the exhibition, IV. Signs and Gestures displays the artwork by Ján Vasilka, Viliam Slaminka, Marcel Mališ, Michal Ormoš and Mária Čorejová. These big theme pieces fill up the whole space with great emotions and charm of intimacy. The architectural designs, the glacier decay theme or the idea of “brave worlds” are depicted and expressed in signs or in an appealing gesture.

The exhibition “More Than 30 …” is aesthetically complemented with some extra features such as sculptures, light objects and installation art throughout the Museum and also in its surroundings – these works by Paľo Mach, Lubo Mikle, Jakub Bachorík, Marián Králik, Renáta Ormandíková and Marek Ormandík are also very much appreciated as distinctive art projects in which the artists in their production and construction used substances and materials such as glass, bronze, steel, recycled material or laminate which is extremely demanding for the production and also installation of monumental works like these. Another very unique and rare project, an unusual photograph of huge dimensions is found in the the foyer of the Museum on the wall. The peculiarity of this picture is that the photographer, Michal Šebeňa developed and transferred it directly to the wall – what more for the very first time in Slovakia. Certainly, in addition to the impressive monumental works, we must not forget to mention and should be very proud of an art of another type that is known for its laborious work, endless patience as well as our women’s mastery of handicrafts, particularly in crochet. As a matter of fact, this type of art can also create large and impressive objects with themes of fabulous stories such as the popular fairy tale of Bremen Musicians, what is considered – in today’s modern world of installation and virtual art – as very unique.

During the exhibition “More Than 30 …”, the Zoya Museum will offer various accompanying events. Once a month, commented tours will be organized along with the mentioned artists. The attendees will also have the chance to enjoy a new catalog release party for “More Than 30 … ” art show as well as a memorable Exhibition Closing Reception at the end the of this unique project.

18.2.2018, 17:00 hour.

Exhibition duration:
19.2. 2018 – 31.8.2018

ZOYA Museum Modra opened :
WEDNESDAY-SUNDAY : 11:30- 18:30